Discontinuation of military service at same level as in previous years

Defence Command 18.10.2016 15.41
Press release

The number of conscripts discontinuing their military service during the basic training phase is at the same level as in the last few years. 11,1 percentage points of conscripts in the July contingent 2/16, discontinued their service during the basic training phase. The number is smaller than in the previous contingent, but it still remains at the same level as in the years 2012-2015.

There have been no significant changes in the reasons for discontinuing service, they are the same as before. The greatest single reason for the discontinuation of service during the basic training phase is still mental health issues, such as problems with adjusting, anxiety, depression or intoxicants. The largest proportion of discontinuations take place during the first two weeks of the basic training phase.

Usually, a physician has proposed that the service class of the conscript whose service is being discontinued due to health reasons should be changed to class C or E. Class C means that the conscript is exempted from service during peacetime and class E means a temporary exemption from service for a maximum of three years. It is possible to return to service from class C and E. Fitness for service and the possible continuation of service is determined based on an examination arranged by the regional office.