Kuva Puolustusvoimat, Helmi Saarela.

Finnish conscript slang   

The following features a list of entries translated from the Finnish conscript slang into English.

aamukasa = a morning stack = a conscripts who still has a high number of mornings left at the garrison premises

aamukampa = a morning comb = a comb that loses its spikes as the number of garrison mornings goes down

aamujuna = a morning train = takes a turn at the midterm of the service

esa-pekka/ esa-spenderi = investigation and confinement to barracks as a result from not so exemplary conduct

fifi = as in ‘Fifi-the poodle’ -- dust on the floor of the barrack room

gines/ kinkku = ham = having to spend the weekend in service

gonahtaminen = the motivation decline that occurs when the number of service days left goes down

gona = a conscript with only a few days of service left and who no longer sustains traces of exemplary code of conduct

hajottaa, hajoaminen = to destroy, a destruction = when a conscript runs out of humour, particularly while in exercises and in "gines" (see above)

härvätä = to cause disturbance = moving while supposed to stay put (for instance, while standing at attention, in "jäpitys")

häväri = notification of lost item = made when the conscript has lost FDF materiel

härövarustus = a style of apparel not befitting a soldier

kurkkusalaatti = cucumber salad = the leave uniform, or the m05 battle dress uniform

lipastaa = to fill the magazine with rounds, or to steal the FDF property

lonnia = to move about lazily and aimlessly

move = motivaatiovemppa = motivation exemption = to get exemption at the garrison health centre on grounds of not wanting to do anything on that particular day of service

mosa, mortti, mopo, monni = a recruit