Kuva Puolustusvoimat, Alec OrkonLeadership training

A unique opportunity for practical leadership training, rising up to this occasion remains available only here!

Undertaking leadership training marks the beginning of life-long development as a leader of people. Applying for leadership training allows you to prepare well for your future, as the majority of those who complete leadership training become successful in their life and end up serving in respected tasks and positions in society. Developing as a leader and human being coupled with learning to learn together form an invaluable asset that keeps giving. In overall society, the type of leadership training that conscripts undertake continues to be highly appreciated, as becomes evident both in educational contexts and workplace settings.

Purpose and objective

The non-commissioned officers and reserve officers who complete leadership training are trained to command wartime troops.

The core of the leadership training rests on developing skills for leading people and developing as a leader. The leading of people draws from the principles of deep leading. The objective is to develop as a leader, who generates trust, inspires people in their tasks, brings about learning, and appreciates others as equal human beings.

Applying for leadership training

Apart from the special operations forces, the selections for the leadership training in all the brigade-level units are made after approximately seven weeks of service.

During the basic training period, you will be asked about your willingness to undertake leadership training. You may apply from all the branches and tasks. The selection procedure retains objectivity, promotes fairness and draws from scientific research. Everyone who applies starts the selection process at the same phase line. The selection is mainly determined by the skills and personal characteristics as demonstrated during the basic training period.

You are the one who benefits most

The leadership training programme is developed to meet also the leadership requirements set by civilian organisations. As the labour market continues to compete for skilled leaders, the leadership training offered by the FDF will give you the upper hand in the future. In fact, educational establishments, universities and universities of applied sciences acknowledge leadership training by offering credits for the completion of leadership training.

Detailed information on credits given for studies taken during military service is provided by the educational establishments in question. While in service, your learning is documented in a leadership file that you then continue to sustain in the reserve. Be prepared to utilise both the leadership certificate and leadership file in the future as well.